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STEAM Education and Outreach

Connecting students with Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math opportunities

Generation Steam’s mission is to engage and encourage K-12 youth in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) by working with parents and teachers to inspire today’s students to become part of tomorrow’s innovative workforce.

The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering creates interactive programs that promote STEAM education in schools and outside of the classroom. Our programs promote diversity in learning, hands-on education, direct access to industry professionals and community engagement.


We are passionate about teaching young people that STEAM is in everything we do, every day. In addition, we take a holistic view of these fields and understand that arts integration and creativity play a vital role in educating the next generation of innovators. We advocate for greater investment in STEM and STEAM education as one of, if not the most effective way, to build a secure socio-economic environment for everyone regardless of race, creed, gender or personal beliefs.

We feel that it is everyone’s job, not just STEAM teachers, to spark a sustained level of excitement for science, engineering and innovation into the minds of young people. We subscribe to the principles of selflessly giving back to the community as a way to ensure our community’s growth potential and quality of life. We lead by example in developing partnerships and initiatives that will advance this cause.

San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering, completely virtual for 2021, is driven by three main objectives:

  1. Cultivate diverse pipelines for all youth to understand and be encouraged in STEAM disciplines through impactful education programs, outreach, and experiential learning opportunities.
  2. Increase the opportunities to interact with STEM professionals and provide youth with positive and diverse STEAM role models.
  3. Connect California’s thriving STEAM industries to the greater community and encourage community members to stay involved in STEAM and pursue STEAM careers.

The San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering is the largest STEAM Festival in Southern California. A ten-day educational experience including interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities and dynamic speakers, the Festival’s “STEAM Week” impacts more than 65,000 community members annually.


In 2021, the Festival is fully virtual and includes the following programs:

Women in STEAM

This program provides space for young women to learn from and be inspired by women who are moving the needle in STEAM and life science. The event sends an inclusive message about what makes a successful STEAM professional and recognizes career-relevant STEAM skills. Women in STEAM speakers represent a range of STEAM industries and they share their career journeys and how they have overcome challenges. The program closes with a live Q&A for the chance to connect directly with the group.

Live Main Stage

April 27-28, 2021 during STEAM Week there will be fun activities, experiments and entertainment streaming live on location from 10am-6pm.

Understanding COVID-19: A Conversation for Kids & Teens

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists, medical professionals, and the life science industry have been grappling to understand the science of this novel virus, how it spreads and how to manage it through public health guidelines, vaccine development and distribution. It can feel like information overload, especially for kids and teens. Speakers in this session will break down the complexity of COVID-19 into an engaging, casual conversation starting with an experiment on germs and washing hands. Submit questions in advance and get them answered live during the session.

General Sessions

Pre-recorded video sessions provided by our partners in the following categories: career talks, company tours, did-you-know, experiments & activities, leadership library and mentor moments.

All content produced and presented at the 2021 Virtual Festival is free and will be accessible online through the end of 2021.


It is critical to expose students from elementary to high school to STEAM programs, industries, and careers in order to provide them with positive and diverse role models so that they stay engaged in STEAM and look to pursue STEAM careers as a future path. With the new distance-learning reality, we will continue to connect STEAM professionals with students throughout our communities.

We invite educators and STEAM professionals alike to join our STEAM Team. It’s easy! First, create a profile at https://www.lovestemsd.org/user/register. If you are an educator, connect with a STEAM Professional to visit your classroom. If you are a STEAM Professional, you can do the same: connect with an educator to schedule your virtual classroom visit for a 30-minute guest lecture and Q&A. This program is open to Educators and Professionals across the globe!

Spanish STEAM

Our Spanish Session programming places passionate professionals from our community into classrooms. These virtual sessions feature industry members who showcase different types of careers that exist and encourage students and their families to consider how their unique talents could fit into these companies. The sessions are delivered in Spanish and are led by student moderators. The student moderators work with their classes to generate potential questions for the speakers, are trained on public speaking, and then help moderate the sessions in Spanish.

2021 Festival Sponsors

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STEAM Distance-Learning

With an extensive network of industry partners and community resource organizations, the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is committed to supporting our K-12 teachers and students year-round, including through remote-learning. It is critical to expose students to possible careers in STEAM industries, including the life sciences, so they can aspire to jobs that they may not have otherwise known existed. In today’s distance-learning reality, those opportunities are scarce, and the chances for interactive classroom visits are even more uncommon. The Biocom community is committed to supporting students of all socio-economic backgrounds in our region and their teachers to continue to provide impactful educational experiences.

We invite all STEAM professionals in our region to join our #STEAMTEAM today!


Support our Work

The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to advancing STEAM education in San Diego County.
Your donation helps keep our programs free and open to the public.

“The Festival provides a hub for the community around STEAM disciplines – a driving force for our economy, our innovation ecosystem, and the industries that color San Diego’s culture. As part of the innovation economy in San Diego, STEM companies need to engage with and inspire the next generation. We all play a role in building San Diego’s future.”
Karen Possemato, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Illumina

2020 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Partner Video: Illumina Foundation


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