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Biocom California Purchasing Group is a life science group purchasing organization (GPO) serving the largest statewide membership association, with + California members in various sectors of the life science, biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. 

As a trusted advisor and industry partner, we aim to accelerate life science success by leveraging innovative, member-driven strategic sourcing solutions that significantly lower the total cost of doing business. Biocom California members save on average 15-25x their membership dues through the Biocom Purchasing Group. In 2020, members collectively saved and brought more ideas to market through a broad range of products, services, and technologies offered by our endorsed suppliers.



Our Request for Proposal method offers a unique strategy to vet and exclusively endorse our suppliers. This RFP process is one of the most critical elements of our business model and relies heavily on the expertise and time commitments of key individuals from member companies representing a strategic range of life science and biotech companies, including medical device, pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers, medical and healthcare businesses. Our diverse portfolio of competitively bid contracts covers flexible and integrated product and service offerings across the lab, facilities, operations, human resources, finance, data, communications, and travel industry segments.


Savings Portfolio Categories

Vetted suppliers in our Savings Portfolio include leading organizations across five suites: Lab, Human Resources/Finance, Facilities/Operations, Data/Communications, and Travel.


From lab supplies (new and used) to gases, animal research models, and on-site services, our Lab Suite offers a diverse portfolio of competitively awarded contracts built to meet all of your lab needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve lower costs while providing you with increased value and individualized procurement solutions.

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Human Resources/Finance
Human Resources/Finance

Attracting top talent starts with building a business that people want to be part of, and there is no shortage of those among Biocom California’s member companies. Bringing the right people on board is important for any business, and in an industry measured by innovation and improving the human condition, attracting and retaining talent is a concentrated focus we hear with our members. With Biocom California, members have the added benefit of receiving exclusive discounts to competitive employee benefits packages, robust retirement plans, culture curators, professional development courses, networking opportunities & individual member perks.

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Biocom Californiamembership allows you access to all of the contracts available through the group purchasing program. Whether you are designing innovative workspaces, sourcing furniture, establishing new systems and the technologies that will power them, the Biocom California Purchasing Group is your partner in purchasing for all life science solutions. 

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California’s evolving life science environment depends on the state of the art technologies and data-driven tools. Our Data, IT, and Communications suite of suppliers is geared toward programs and discounts that will set your company two steps ahead of the competition. We have e-clinical, virtual data room, translational service and marketing, and branding solutions in addition to discounted programs for managed IT and communications infrastructure services and other technology solutions

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No matter the destination, Biocom California members can access discounts for many of their travel needs through the Biocom California Travel Network vendors; regardless of your company size or travel frequency. This full-service program incorporates regional hotel offerings with a travel agent and car rental retailer. Our extensive RFP process thoroughly vets all suppliers, and those selected are recognized as trusted industry leaders.

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Benefits that Matter

Grow Your Network
Our purchasing team also works to provide members with unique opportunities to forge new relationships with endorsed service providers at 150+ educational and networking events throughout California. Events include our annual Biocom California Open House & Supplier Showcase and the Biocom California PG Supplier Event Series, which combines industry networking with robust programs or panels that deliver thought-provoking content and on topics like education, training, and technology. 

Share Best Practices
Biocom California PG committees bring together experts from their respective fields to discuss industry trends, exchange ideas, and shape Biocom California’s events, initiatives, programs, and practices. 

Biocom California PG Advisory Committees
Our member-driven advisory committees provide an opportunity within the life science community to discuss best purchasing trends and competitive landscapes within the following purchasing areas: lab, facilities/operations, data/IT, travel, and finance/HR. Meeting regularly throughout the year with our members ensures that the priorities and needs of our member companies come first in our contract portfolio, and help us develop stronger supplier programs for our ever-growing, diverse membership.

Biocom California PG RFP Committees
Participation on one of our three-to-six month RFP Committees ensures your company is represented at the negotiation table while we leverage the purchasing spend of over California life science member companies on products and services used every day.

Develop Professionally
At Biocom California, we understand that the work doesn’t stop when products and services are sourced. There is still a need for education and conversation to ensure that members’ employees are getting the most out of their savings and their buying decisions. Our Procurement Roundtables offer procurement, supply chain & sourcing professionals a chance to participate in roundtables throughout the state. These gatherings are intended to provide a hands-on forum for networking, exchanging ideas, and educational resources.

“”Biocom Purchasing Group’s ability to leverage the purchasing power of their large member base has unlocked a level of competitive pricing impressive even for an institute of my size, and is a GPO we can trust to negotiate with our best interests in mind.””
June Lombardi, Senior Director of Procurement, Scripps Research Institute
“”What I love about the Biocom Purchasing Group contracts are the unique terms and conditions negotiated. For us, the best pricing is only one side of the equation. We’re always looking for the best overall cost of doing business, and that means pairing effective cost management with best-in-class industry partners and exceptional service. Biocom always delivers and is standing by to ensure we are happy with the endorsed supplier.””
Wendy Hernandez, Director of Corporate Procurement , NuVasive
“”Participating in Biocom’s Purchasing Group committees has been extremely valuable, not just for my own professional development but also for securing aggressive pricing for my company and also allowing me to contribute towards the benefit of California’s life science community. It’s been an enlightening process to negotiate with the collective bargaining power and combined spending levels of the larger life science community. This leverage has resulted in a level of concessions that I haven’t encountered previously and has provided me with more knowledge to the advantage of my own negotiations. As a direct result of participating in these committees, my company has realized significant cost savings across a wide breadth of functions.””
Jeff Boldt, Associate Director, Lab Operations, Genomatica
“”Biocom’s Open House was a great success, I would rank it 5 out of 5. My favorite part of the event was the networking. Biocom has best served me through the increasing variety of suppliers and vetting suppliers/providers on behalf of biotech companies.””
Glenda Didienne, General Operations Manager, Inovio Pharmaceuticals


Take advantage of 30+ RFP-vetted life science-related contracts.


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Your Partners in Purchasing

With over 25 years of biotech group purchase experience, our mission is to remain a world-class group purchasing organization by building upon the deepest expertise, the longest-running vetting process, and the most innovative team in the industry to help move your ideas to market faster. As a life science group purchasing organization, our success is measured by our customers’ ability to compete globally and positively impact the human condition. Your Biocom membership avails you access to all contracts, consultative services, spend analysis, and industry best practices. Power Up Your Savings with the Biocom Purchasing Group today!


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