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Renewing Your Membership

Top 5 Reasons to Renew During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the world of science, connection is the key to discovery. It can be connecting with the right people, connecting funding at the right time, or a scientist connecting two unexpected things together for results that have never been seen before. Biocom is how the life science industry makes connections. We are how our members connect to community, capital and advocacy—and to new and better ways to work.

Questions about renewing? Jump to the FAQ section.

1. Connections that matter | In a newly virtual world, staying connected has never been more important, and Biocom makes it easy to do just that. Members of Biocom’s 20+ committees continue to share best practices in remote meetings; our members are connecting virtually through Biocom conferences; and our growing list of resources are being leveraged through Biocom connections.


2. Economy-proof savings | As a trusted advisor and industry partner, Biocom Purchasing Group harnesses the collective purchasing power of over member companies, matching best-in-class service providers with deep discounts, special terms and conditions, and other unique concessions available exclusively to our members. With over 35 supplier contracts, our proven resource chain saves members up to 25x their annual dues.

3. Coronavirus resources | Biocom’s Coronavirus Resource Center and Return to Work Resources have been pivotal in helping life science members craft best-in-class strategies to keep their organizations running smoothly and safely throughout the pandemic. Our Return to Work Risk Assessment Checklist and Return to Work Guide: The Path Forward, have been made available thanks to the hard work of Biocom’s Return to Work Task Force and members can also access free PPE, our Testing Solutions Guide as well as rapid-results drive-thru testing in select regions.


4. Events/Webinars/Education | Our events team has made sure that members are still receiving access to the high-quality programming in life science events and conferences that they’ve grown accustomed to. Our biotech events calendar includes dozens of events per month with topics tailored to cover the issues that matter most, like COVID-19 policies, facilities recommendations, venture capital innovations, crucial HR topics, and more. Biocom Institute’s professional development courses have also continued to provide workforces with invaluable education tools and competitive discounts.

5. Unparalleled visibility | Whether through Biocom’s amplified social channels, our digital LifeLines distribution, Biocom Member News, the Biocom Member Spotlight series, or a host of other options, Biocom members are getting their messages out through numerous visibility channels. Biocom members receive exposure to more than 500,000 life science professionals per year through events, speaking opportunities and visibility via our marketing channels and social media platforms.

“As one of the first medical customers to deploy a cohort-based COVID-19 employee testing program with One Medical, we could not be more impressed with the smooth onboarding process, professional account management team, and innovative tracking platform in One Medical’s ‘Healthy Together’ program. We are so encouraged to hear that Biocom has partnered with One Medical to make this model accessible to all life science companies in California, to ensure the safe and efficient return to the workplace at a time the world needs us most.”
10X Genomics
“The Biocom team has helped LJI by having every level of government personally visit LJI and we’re able to show them all the great work we are doing.”
Albin Soares, Director, Research Relations and Executive Director, La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology
“We want to extend a sincere thank you to Biocom for inviting Scientist.com to be a part of their pavilion at BioJapan for a second straight year! Scientist.com enjoyed consistent traffic and secured a significant number of leads from our three days spent in the California Pavilion and participating in the partnering event at BioJapan. Being able to share the exhibiting costs among several San Diego companies all underneath the Biocom umbrella, made our participation possible and enabled further expansion for our company in the Japanese market.”
Arne Brandon, Chief Commercial Officer, Scientist.com
“”I have been watching all of the emails roll in while Aer Travel managed to get this very complicated trip planned to absolute perfection. I cannot say how much I appreciate Aer Travel’s help and especially in the last minute before a long holiday weekend. We always appreciate everything they do, but we especially do with this one.””
Ellen Goodman, Executive Assistant, Development, Kura Oncology

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew our Biocom Membership?
Your Biocom renewal invoice is emailed to the primary billing contact on file approximately 6–8 weeks prior to your renewal date/invoice due date. To request your invoice or update billing contact, please use the form below or call the Membership team at (619) 746-7771.

What are the different options to pay the renewal invoice?

  • Pay online with PayPal: Use the form below or call the Membership team at (619) 746-7771 to request your online membership renewal link. Click on “PayPal” under “Payment Summary”.
  • Pay via phone: Call the Membership team at (619) 746-7771
  • Pay via check: Make payable to “Biocom” and mail to 10996 Torreyana Rd, Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Payment can be made via Bank Wire or ACH: Use the form below or call the Membership team at (619) 746-7771 to request this information.

How do I update our company information and key contacts?
Use the form below or call (619) 746-7771. The primary billing contact will also receive an “Online Membership Renewal” link with your invoice 6-8 weeks prior to your renewal which is pre-populated with your information. It will ask the contact to “edit” or “confirm” the information.

What is the Member Benefits Dashboard and how do I request it?
Stay on top of your company’s membership with a comprehensive, real-time report of your benefits by requesting it using the form below or by calling the Membership team at (619) 746-7771. You can view benefits across four major categories: Purchasing savings, Events participation, Committee involvement, and other Visibility benefits.

How do I schedule a membership benefits review and/or ask questions about a renewal/invoice?
Please schedule a time to talk with our membership representatives here.

How do I connect with the purchasing group to schedule a purchasing/savings review, learn more about the 35+ suppliers or sign up with one and/or ask questions?
Please visit https://rerexixo.kinsta.cloud/what-we-offer/purchasing-group/purchasing-meeting-request/ to request a meeting

How do I cancel our membership?
Please use the form below or call (619) 746-7771 for assistance.

Contact the Membership Team