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International Connections


Biocom California is your bridge to international partners and opportunities. As you expand globally, think of us as a resource for connections to life science hubs and potential partners worldwide. 

Join us in building your international connections through our Explore the World Series or annual Global Partnering Conference.

Explore the World

Join Biocom California as we Explore the World of Life Science to learn about the unique characteristics of life science ecosystems in regions and countries around the world. This webinar series will highlight resources available to California life science companies interested in connecting or collaborating with international partners. Visit our Events page to see when the webinars are scheduled.

North America

Biocom California’s partnerships throughout North America assist our members with domestic connections and provide resources for foreign expansion. 

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Biocom California has strategic partnerships with One Nucleus in the United Kingdom and EuroBiomed in southern France.  We also have alliances with other European life science hubs and facilitate connections for our members.

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Biocom California has a full-time satellite office in Tokyo, Japan, and strategic partnerships with JBA and LINK-J in Japan and AusBiotech in Australia along with a number of alliances with other life science communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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To learn more about our International partnerships, or to get involved, contact us. 

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