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Capital Development & Partnering

Connecting members with capital and novel resources


Biocom California’s Capital Development & Partnering team connects member companies with life science venture capital and other sources of funding and strategic partners through a variety of dynamic programs, including angel investing, broad and biotech private equity, licensing and partnering opportunities, research grant insights, and one-on-one discussions. Whether you’re a biotech startup or biopharma company, with Biocom California Capital Development & Partnering, your team can leverage unrivaled opportunities to partner with the people and resources you need to reach your goals.

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The Capital Development & Partnering Committee is the driving force behind the strategy and vision of Biocom California’s capital development & partnering initiative. The committee is made up of board-level Biocom directors and members with a successful track record in raising capital, capital markets, and life science investing. The Capital Development & Partnering Committee helps implement and manage aggressive financial capital development actions required to attract, sustain, commercialize, and fuel the growth of life science in California.

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“The Venture Day could not have been better organized! The lunch was fun, my fellow VC companions were excellent, the companies we met with were interesting and diverse and the closing dinner reception was absolutely lovely.”
Nina Kjellson, Consultant, InterWest Partners
“I have had the opportunity to give presentations to VCs and Pharma Venture Funds at several Venture Day events. These experiences have been very helpful with respect to meeting investors from outside the San Diego area and also for valuable feedback. This is an important Biocom program!”
Michael J. Newman, CEO, Decoy Biosystems

Our Mission

As a core pillar of Biocom California, the Capital Development & Partnering mission is to continue to connect member companies with dynamic partners, including life science private equity firms that are funding biotech and healthcare companies. With programs in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, Biocom California Capital Development & Partnering strives to ensure all of our California members have access to the resources they need to accelerate the success of current and future solutions that have the potential to improve the human condition.

As part of our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, Biocom California Capital Development & Partnering will leverage state-of-the-art technology to identify new sources of capital for member companies and ensure that California becomes the top region for capital investors, large pharmaceutical partnerships, and new sources of financing for the life science industry to complement National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for basic research and innovation.

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Venture Days

Explore unique partnering opportunities that match innovation with investment. Biocom California connects early-to-mid stage California life science companies creating innovative technologies with the capital investors who seek them. We work with members at every stage of their business to achieve capital development and investment goals. If you’re a small company seeking early funding, or a large company or investor looking to develop your technology, Biocom California can connect you. In the last three years, the Capital Development & Partnering Initiative has connected about 400 companies to direct sources of financing.

Each event, organized by the Biocom California Capital Development & Partnering Committee, features a small group of biotech investors that come to San Diego, Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay Area for a day of one-on-one meetings with selected companies. Companies are selected by the participating investment firms based on their investment criteria and scheduled for a meeting and presentation with the VC and company executives.

Partner Days

Our Partner Days program brings buyers and sellers together to discuss potential partnerships, licensing opportunities, and mergers and acquisitions. Partner Days are a partnering and networking forum that brings together large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, laboratory equipment, or diagnostic companies with startups and early-stage companies, venture funds, academic and research institutes throughout California. The Partnering events include one-on-one company presentations, research and academic institution presentations, a plenary session, a networking reception, and numerous interactions for CEOs, founders, and senior leaders.

The Biocom Capital Development & Partnering Committee invites representatives from a pharmaceutical or large biotechnology company to attend a day of one-on-one meetings with pre-selected companies. Additionally, on the day of the meetings, members are invited to a networking event in which the presenting company is given the floor to talk about their mission, their various business units, and their acquisition, valuation and partnering strategies. Partner Days are also a great way to learn about larger organizations’ portfolio companies and target areas.

What is private equity?

Private equity in relation to life science refers to the investments made by firms into non-publicly traded, pre-IPO companies. These investments can be made at the seed stage or in subsequent funding rounds and usually give firms stakes in private companies and exhibit a partnership between the firm, the business, and its leadership. In life science, these investments can come from firms who specialize in certain sectors, such as biotech private equity, healthcare private equity, and life science private equity, though firms often invest across many industries and subsectors. Biocom Capital Development & Partnering welcomes all interested investors to contact us about participating in a Biocom California Venture Day or Partner Day.

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