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Archived Events

Archived Events and Webinars for the California Life Science Industry

Tune in for a conversation with life science thought leaders from the West Los Angeles area as we highlight bioscience innovation, economic and research developments, and industry expansion in this vital ‘micro cluster’. This Spotlight on the Westside underscores the growth of the life science industry in the Greater LA region with a specific focus on the developments taking place around the Los Angeles World Airports and what those mean for the industry and surrounding area.

Tech Futures Group (TFG) provides free business advisory services to Biocom California’s Bay Area members. This webinar introduces their services to showcase if your company should engage.

What does that future network look like? Hear from UPS Healthcare and Stirling Ultracold cold chain experts as they explore the rise and future of pharma cold chain resiliency.

We invite our members to hear from some of our leaders who explain how Biocom California supports the California life science community, your membership benefits, event programming and other ways to engage, member-driven committees, and Purchasing Group savings opportunities. We want to make sure each member is aware of all the ways to engage and benefit fully from your membership.

On our latest installment of our CFO Webinar Series, we dive into the great debate facing companies across the country: to return to the office or continue to let your employees work from home.

Non-dilutive funding, from government agencies, private foundations and industry has long been a crucial component for research & development for early-stage life science companies.  It provides startup founders with the resources needed to support the company’s early development while maintaining control of the company. The COVID-19 pandemic raised the profile of non-dilutive funding sources to new heights. Join us for a look at current trends in non-dilutive funding, and how to remain in compliance once you begin to receive funding so you are well positioned for follow-on grants and investment.

Digital virtual Cold Chain modeling, real-time monitoring, connected IoT sensors, end-to-end supply chain visibility and integration, temperature-controlled packaging, new tech and digitalization are driving fast change and disrupting the biopharma supply chain with global implications. Don’t miss this session as we explore the latest trends.

Flight cancellations, closed borders within the EU, and restrictions on peoples movements all formed part of the challenges in importing and delivering clinical trial supplies. Find out how these challenges were overcome and how the industry can be prepared should alterative supply chain routings be needed in the future.

Biocom California and ELPRO invite you to join us for a lively discussion, as we hear from some of the leading temperature control experts. Hear the unique production, storage and logistics challenges they each battled during the unprecedented pandemic, the lessons they learned, and how it changed their future outlook.

Join Biocom Los Angeles and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for a virtual webinar to learn how Life Science companies in the Greater LA area can enter the Japanese market. Learn ways to create new business opportunities through partnering with JETRO, a nonprofit agency that promotes trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

Biocom California and NIRI San Diego invite you to join this event geared towards CFOs and Investor Relations professionals within the life science industry, as we welcome back Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Nasdaq, Inc., Phil Mackintosh.

Join us for a conversation with life science entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders from the Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley area as we highlight bioscience innovation, economic and research developments and expansion in this important ‘microcluster.’

Join Biocom California and Thermo Fisher for a presentation on a few recently published high resolution cryo-EM structures including those of SARS-CoV2, how this tool has been advancing in the last few years, how the new breakthroughs have brought about a resolution revolution once again, and how we are democratizing cryo-EM by bringing it to the masses.

Biocom California and the City of Fremont hosted a panel of industry leaders on the booming life science ecosystem in Fremont, initiatives to recruit local talent, the industry’s evolution, and how companies in Fremont will contribute to future life science growth in the Bay Area. The event featured Lily Mei, City of Fremont Mayor.

Join Biocom California and Slone Partners as we discuss and share best practices and tangible tools to help your organization develop an inclusive onboarding experience. By implementing inclusive onboarding practices you are building a diverse and inclusive company and creating a welcoming workspace.

Fundraising, increased board diversity, large ransom payments to cyber thieves? Learn about recent events which triggered coverage and be informed on what the C-Suite needs to know: protection against cyber/ransomware attacks and the effect of board diversity on your D&O Insurance coverage.

Review the summer changes to Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS). The discussion covers modifications to the ETS, how the ETS updates will interact with the newly relaxed CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals, and the bottom-line impact on returning employees to the office.

Recent trends have seen the resurgence of the Buy vs. Build debate and how to decide which model best fits your strategy. Is now the time to invest in your manufacturing or continue to navigate the outsourcing model? A lively discussion around the current relationship between CDMOs and where the future is headed.

In this webinar panelists discussed the value and impact of virtual learning to reach, engage and educate clinicians.

Learn from Biocom California and ThermoFisher in this presentation that focuses on practical implementation of innovative technologies such as multi-attribute methodology, optofluidic platform for single cell cloning, etc. in process development workflows.

Raising capital is one of the most daunting challenges facing companies today, especially startup and early-stage companies. Biocom Los Angeles presents a panel discussion hosted by CBIZ MHM to hear how one of the fastest growing life sciences startups in America found the right investment partner early on, and how that relationship has helped position the company for future success.

Biocom California virtually traveled to Cambridge as part of the Explore the World of Life Sciences series to hear from One Nucleus! Our international reach and partnerships provide a bridge for our members to explore new markets and new opportunities, and to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

Biocom California virtually traveled to Japan as part of the Explore the World of Life Sciences series to hear from City of Yokohama! Our international reach and partnerships provide a bridge for our members to explore new markets and new opportunities, and to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

Hear from Kimberly-Clark Professional for a discussion of The RightCycle™ Program, a groundbreaking sustainability service that enables you to collect previously hard-to-recycle items, such as Kimberly-Clark Professional nitrile gloves, safety eyewear and single-use apparel items, and have them turned into new consumer goods.

Our May 2021 session of Biocom California’s COVID-19 EH&S Roundtable series covered vaccination policies for employers and other topics to clarify employer compliance with the latest pandemic regulations. Please contact Melanie Cohn to request the recording of this event.

This working session features industry leaders and a select few heavy-hitting community stakeholders to discuss targets for the San Diego life science community over the next 10 years, and how we will reach them. We’ll also discuss the exciting progress around partnering and funding, workforce development, real estate projects, and the growing number of companies building and staying in San Diego as we officially open our San Diego regional office.

Biocom California is proud to present its newest alliance, FedEx Custom Critical, which offers comprehensive shipping programs including validated temperature-controlled ground solutions created and designed for biotech companies. Join us to learn about our FedEx Custom Critical offerings for Biocom California members and how you can take advantage of this program to start saving today. View slide deck.

Life science companies, developers, and academics will discuss why now is the right time for life science to locate downtown and what these developments mean for the greater industry in the San Diego region.

Biocom Purchasing Group along with our key sustainable suppliers celebrate members implementing green initiatives throughout their organization. Our panel of experts explore how the pandemic has altered sustainability efforts across California and what that means for the future of our industry. Download Event Materials

This webinar covered the compliance aspects of a rated order; which include 4 required elements, rejection or acceptance of a rated order, period to respond, and the effects of accepting rated orders. The webinar also touched on placing rated orders on your own suppliers.

Join Biocom California, Relocation Coordinates, and LifeHR as we kick off the 2021 HR Webinar Series! It has been over a year since the coronavirus has challenged the life science Human Resource sector. HR professionals have been tasked with adapting their strategies, supporting employees remotely and in the office, and ensuring business continuity.

Biocom California virtually traveled to Australia as part of the Explore the World of Life Sciences series to hear from Queensland Trade and Investments! Our international reach and partnerships provide a bridge for our members to explore new markets and new opportunities, and to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

Biocom California virtually traveled to Japan as part of the Explore the World of Life Sciences series to hear from Link-J! Our international reach and partnerships provide a bridge for our members to explore new markets and new opportunities, and to collaborate and innovate across the globe.

There is an increasing trend in pharma/biotech industry to outsource studies to contract research organizations (CROs). There are over 3,000 CROs globally that have a variable selection of models and services, which can make it difficult to decide who to partner with. This webinar discusses advantages and risks in using CRO relationships.

Please join Biocom California, Jones Day, and Deloitte and hear remarks from Dr. Ira Kalish followed by a fireside chat with Joe Panetta, CEO Biocom, assessing the economic outlook and trends for 2021 as the U.S. and the world seek to emerge from COVID toward economic recovery.

Ultrapure water is an important staple to life science labs. The water system is expected to deliver water that is free of impurities, has consistent quality and always available upon demand.  This webinar investigates the different types of impurities in water and how water systems remove these critical impurities. We will also review guidelines for properly maintaining the lab water system to ensure successful life science work.

The circumstances of the US healthcare system under COVID-19 gave rise to much more widespread availability of Telehealth. Numerous constraints were lifted, including reimbursement, application to wider set of health issues, and most importantly, attitudes of patients and health providers. However, in order to take the next step to ubiquity and utility, Telehealth will have to address some additional challenges, including data integration with patient-level devices, intervention beyond consultation, and inter-system health information exchange. Our panel will explore how they have addressed these challenges and more!

Get an in-depth look at the free expense and spend management platform CFOs are using to rethink the technology needed to manage their company’s financial operations. From enforceable budgets to real-time insight into all company spending, learn how Divvy’s free software is helping CFOs build better processes and reduce costs.

See how real time insight into all company spending activity and the elimination of previously manual processes enabled Noom to streamline corporate spending habits with Divvy.

Does your organization have employees who spend first and ask questions later? Is it difficult to determine if you’ve stayed in budget in real time? Is absolute adherence to a budget an absolute pipe dream? Learn how companies who experience the same problems are solving the problem and regaining control of their corporate spending habits with enforceable budgets through Divvy.

Join Biocom and Divvy for the first installment of our Webinar Series: How CFOs Are Rethinking Status Quo Processes with Modern FinTech. Now more than ever, CFOs are tasked with proactively innovating on the way their company manages finances and spending behavior. Learn how CFOs are rethinking status quo processes by turning to cutting edge FinTech to optimize their operations and minimize costs.

Karmin Noar, Executive Director of Biocom Institute, was recently a guest on the Ideas, Energized podcast to discuss how the Greater LA Region has contributed to the empowerment of STEM education, what diversity means, and how we can raise the next generation of STEM leaders as part of the legacy of Los Angeles.

Take a look at how TECH+BIOTECH+MEDTECH have converged at an accelerated pace and what it might mean for the future of healthcare.The speakers will share their deep knowledge of how the pandemic has altered the life sciences landscape, clinical development and deal-making, and how technology is rapidly being applied to healthcare solutions.

Real-time monitoring allows the shipper to have visibility of location and temperature of critical biologics as they travel through their unique supply chains with several partners. Join ELPRO to learn more about the latest Mobile IoT technology for the biopharma supply chain and how it’s used in each step of the supply chain.

We are now 6 months into the pandemic. What have we learned, what do we still need to know and where are we going in both our business and personal lives? Last week, Biocom’s Medical Device & Diagnostics Committee answered these question’s in their webinar titled COVID-19: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

As we continue to adapt office and lab environments to COVID-19 measures, Facilities and EH&S professionals are on the front lines of protecting employees, developing best practices, and adjusting physical spaces. Our Facilities installment of our Return to Work Series discuss spatial and people planning as companies resume and increase operations. View event materials here.

The pandemic has changed our day-to-day operations and employers are working with employees who may be struggling with the balance. COVID-19 has created novel issues that impact our employees’ ability to work or to enter the workplace, ranging from childcare issues, living with at-risk individuals, being at-risk personally, to contracting COVID-19. As increasing time off and other accommodation requests flood in, how do new and existing laws shape what accommodations you may or must provide to your employees?

Learn how Gilead Sciences is adapting warehousing and supply chain operations to meet the needs of cell therapies including long-term cell banking operations and raw material inventory management. Kevin Hickman will describe how to assess all supply chain touchpoints (manufacturing, packaging and distribution) and their temperature management capabilities.

Our panel discusses “Strategic Workforce Planning” and how life science companies will need to adapt and adopt new recruitment and retention strategies in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

This is the first in a series of webinars on COVID-19 and the life science industry. This session gives a broad view of industry efforts in fighting COVID-19, and the unprecedented collaborations happening with academia, research institutions and commercial companies. Future sessions will focus specifically within individual topic areas, such as testing, vaccines, therapeutics, and plasma-based therapies.

Biotech companies need to demonstrate the value of their asset(s) in order to optimize their partnerships or have a successful public offering. The market insights required to drive that valuation include a deep understanding of the market landscape, key unmet needs and how other molecules may fulfill those, and what a successful clinical trial design should look like. Shaping your target product profile in light of the external environment is a critical success factor for maximizing the value of your asset and/or company.

New and growing life science facilities need to understand GMP/GDP requirements that are imperative to regulatory compliance and smooth running operations. Walk though setting up an effective URS that will help you identify a Validation Master Plan and DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ needs, using examples of manufacturing and logistics facilities.

In spring 2020, many laboratories were shut down, nevertheless the science did not stop. Join us as we learn some best practices to restart and maintain your CO2 incubator. A good CO2 incubator design should not only provide ideal conditions for cell health, but also help to limit process variables that can jeopardize downstream results. These considerations are especially critical with sensitive cells including primary cells, stem cells and immune cells as well as for viral studies and propagation. We will present comparison data from different incubator models to demonstrate performance differences.

Hear from three top life science venture capital leaders in the industry. Our panels of venture capitalist panel will share how they are approaching a changed investment landscape, discussing COVID-19’s impact on new market opportunities, the way deals are being executed, the effects on secondary markets, M&A, corporate partnerships, and more.

Hear from both government and industry about the role genomics in combating the disease, their joint efforts to track, contain, and treat the spread to prevent or mitigate future pandemics.

The SBIR/STTR Development Center provides funding, mentoring and networking assistance to small businesses that demonstrate promising next-generation cancer cure technologies. During this webinar, presenter Christie Canaria, Ph.D., Program Director at the National Cancer Institute SBIR Development Center went over SBIR/STTR eligibility requirements and shared strategies on how to successfully submit competitive research proposals. View event materials

View our second installment of the Return to Work Webinar Series focused on Testing. Topics covered by our expert panel include what employers should know about PCR testing vs. Serology testing, symptomatic vs. asymptomatic testing, financing testing, incident management and much more.

Learn best practices on adjusting your workplace spacing, logging, and flow to decrease the possibility of transferring COVID-19.

Join Biocom, MassBio, and Thermo Fisher Scientific as we convene industry CEOs to share their insights on COVID-19 testing, the race for a vaccine, as well as how these leaders are preparing for the return of their workforce. In this ever-changing landscape guidance and best practices are changing every day. CEO’s from East and West provide you with the most updated information.

View this webinar to hear from Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Nasdaq, Inc., Phil Mackintosh.

Recording password: BiocomCFO2020

Please join Biocom and the Small Business Administration (SBA) for a discussion about the Payment Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) programs. You’ll learn about the loan and grant programs, application process, tips, and what to expect after applying, among others.

This one-hour webinar is designed for companies and entrepreneurs looking to launch new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Diagnostic Tests and Other Medical Devices to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.