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Celebrating the Resiliency & Determination of our Life Science Industry

Honoring those contributing to life science success in California.

We recognize the profound impact we have when we come together, and we celebrate all members in their missions of improving the human condition. There is still much work to be done, but with each day, you’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the advancement of humanity. We are honored to champion and support your endeavors today and in the years to come. Please enjoy this video tribute to another inspiring year.

Accelerating discoveries together to improve human lives.

As 2021 comes to a close—another year in which the global health threat of COVID-19 makes the work of our member companies particularly urgent—we’re met with immense pride reflecting on the impact of our life science community. By embracing collaboration and connectivity, the life science industry was able to deliver innovative solutions at scale and at unprecedented rates. We’ve joined forces, leveraged science, and rose to extreme challenges, defying all odds in a unified mission of improving patients’ lives around the world.

Making progress toward more inclusive leadership.

This year, we committed to correcting the inequities that exist in our industry and encouraged candid discussions within our DE&I Committee, at our Annual DE&I Leadership Summit, and during several of our DE&I events held throughout the year. Changes in hiring processes, fostering more diversity, and building accountability are all intentional evolutions that are driving measurable growth and we look forward to continuing this momentum.

Swiftly pivoting to produce next-generation solutions.

Rising to the occasion in the middle of a global pandemic requires courage and leadership. The life science industry took center stage as the world watched and waited for science to bring answers and hope. As the trend of remote patient monitoring continued this year, our member companies evolved and saw a new world of possibilities through the generation of insightful data, use of AI, and adoption of new technologies—catalyzing innovation and ultimately accelerating life science success.

From all of us at Biocom California, best wishes for continued success in delivering transformative life science innovation that empowers a brighter future.