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Connecting Japan with Unrivaled Opportunities


Biocom California’s Japan initiative aims to build a bridge between life science companies in Japan and California, as well as create greater awareness of opportunities in Japan for our members.

Biocom California’s Japan office is integral in our mission to develop several key relationships between Biocom and major life science entities.

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Biocom California creates valuable networks that accelerate member success in Japan through a variety of programs, including specialized events, targeted conferences, expert committees, leadership dinners, industry-focused meetings.

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Biocom Japan Consulting

Learn about the many ways Biocom California helps members discover new opportunities in Japan.

“We want to extend a sincere thank you to Biocom for inviting Scientist.com to be a part of their pavilion at BioJapan for a second straight year! Scientist.com enjoyed consistent traffic and secured a significant number of leads from our three days spent in the California Pavilion and participating in the partnering event at BioJapan. Being able to share the exhibiting costs among several San Diego companies all underneath the Biocom umbrella, made our participation possible and enabled further expansion for our company in the Japanese market.”
Arne Brandon, Chief Commercial Officer, Scientist.com

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